giovedì 28 giugno 2007

Collegamento tra vaccini e autismo?

5000 FAMIGLIE, A SEGUITO DI UNA DECISIONE DELLA CORTE DI YUMA, ARIZONA,CON CASI DI BAMBINI AUTISTICI VERRANNO RIMBORSATE, IN QUANTO A CAUSA DELLA SOMMINISTRAZIONE DI UNA SOSTANZA, IL THIMEROSAL, CHE CONTIENE MERCURIO, SONO RIMASTI AFFETTI DA AUTISMO (E NON SOLO, ANCHE DA GLAUCOMI ED EPILESSIA) MIGLIAIA DI BAMBINI.>> Children With Autism Get Their Day in Court>>>> In Yuma, Arizona, the first court case alleging a link >> between childhood vaccines and autism is being heard in the U.S. Court of >> Federal Claims.>>>> Eight other such cases are soon to follow, and the decisions >> made will guide the handling of the other pending claims.>>>> The cases are therefore being closely watched by 5,000 >> families with autistic children who have lodged claims for compensation.>>>>>> Most of the families claim that a preservative called >> thimerosal, which contains mercury, is the culprit responsible for >> autism. If the courts agree, the families will be eligible for >> compensation from a federal vaccine injury fund. No autism claim has yet >> been paid from the fund.>>>> In the Arizona case, Theresa Cedillo says that her daughter >> Michelle suffered five days of fever after receiving a measles, mumps and >> rubella vaccination when she was 15 months old. Afterwards, according to >> Michelle's mother, her personality and health changed for the worse.>>>> In addition to autism, Michelle suffers from inflammatory >> bowel disease, glaucoma and epilepsy. Her bones are also prone to breaks >> because of malnutrition, since she must eat most food through a feeding >> tube.>>>>>> Forbes Magazine June 11, 2007

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